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Two dummies (Adam and Blake) discuss the #toylife but it's mostly jokes because we're not competent at real collecting or serious podcasting. Think of a really good podcast. It's like that, but for action figures.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 32. Whatever Happened To GI Joe?

    BOTH Arnett brothers join us this time, including new guest and GI Joe fanatic Jon, as we delve into the most iconic plastic army men of the Reagan era. We wonder--and expert Jon helps us unpack--why doesn't anyone like GI Joe anymore? EVEN MORE of the Arnett family history is ...


  2. 31. Busting The Beanie Baby Bubble

    NO THIS EPISODE IS NOT JUST ABOUT BEANIE BABIES. Have to make that clear. But our guest, known toy-hater Josh, read a book on the topic (The Great Beanie Baby Bubble) so we decided to talk about collectible bubbles and how they burst. Are your toys really an investment? Are ...


  3. 30. The Toy Fairlosophers

    We made it! Thirty episodes! We talk mostly about the recent New York Toy Fair 2019, but not before we tangent on Mondo's He-Man and Faker (MOTU), Blake's new DCC Essentials Joker, Batgirl's new costume, Toy Tipz with Blake, Marvel Legends Walgreens Mystique, and more. Toy Fair 2019 talking points/hot takes: -Hasbro ...


  4. 29. Five Dollar Miracle

    BATMAN. CATWOMAN. BLACK PANTHER. Ninety minutes, folks. Blake had the most amazing toy day of his LIFE--plus he got the Mondo exclusive BTAS Batman figure recently--and he needs to dish about it like crazy. We're gonna deep dive into a review of this 12" bad boy. And hey...what time period ...


  5. 28. Gotta Get My Hands On That Big Snake

    Welcome to 2019, everyone! In our first episode of the new year we lament Blake's Ongoing Mondo Batman Saga. We spend a lot of time on Adam's new Nightmare on Elm Street NECA Accessory Set (featuring a very special snake!) and Mezco One:12 Popeye. There is talk of a Ghostbusters ...