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Two dummies (Adam and Blake) discuss the #toylife but it's mostly jokes because we're not competent at real collecting or serious podcasting. Think of a really good podcast. It's like that, but for action figures.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 37. Mattel's DC Farewell Wave: An Hour Of Toy Reviews

    It's that time--that's right, time to discuss the finer points of Fortnite Figures. McFarlane or Jazwares, take your pick. And what's up with gun accessories these days, huh? Ryan's World and other youtube trash toy tie-ins discussed also. You'll heal plenty of whisky-jangling sound effects from Blake as he discovers ...


  2. 36. Bible Hero Samson with Ass Jawbone and Philistine-Murdering Action

    The Arnett brothers (Josh and Jon) are back and you know what that means--time to discuss RELIGION and CHRISTIAN TOYS! It's way funnier and less traumatic this time, I promise. Warning though: Josh is drunk as SHIT throughout. We all discuss our megachurch woes, and the bible action figure=selling church ...


  3. 35. 1 Man, 1 Muppet, 4 Life

    Hey it's somewhere near our two-year anniversary of the podcast and we forgot to mention that--but have a cool new episode anyway! This time we visit Blake's Blockbuster Zone, a hot new movie podcast-within-a-podcast. Some great summer films about toys out there y'all. Warning: TOY STORY 4 TOYLERS. Also... Review of Worthy ...


  4. 34. Pleasant Handfeel

    AUX podcast network presents: We're back with some of your favorite segments! Listener questions from the Shelf Life Mailbag, answered! Kustomizer's Korner! Marvel Legends rearranging! Shelf Life CONFESSIONS! Walmart Binary Captain Marvel! Do our toys come to life?! ENDGAME SPOILERS! Box o' Trash Toys! When is the right time to tell ...


  5. 33. Fight The Forces Of Satan, Lindsay

    Blake is back from vacation with an Extreme Power Pharaoh Warrior (classic toy) which was apparently meant to battle the devil. We're also talkin' new X-Men Marvel Legends waves and Mondo Exclusive TMNT figures. Plus, a discussion of our toy GRAILS. What is a grail and what isn't? (Muppets and ...