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Two dummies (Adam and Blake) discuss the #toylife but it's mostly jokes because we're not competent at real collecting or serious podcasting. Think of a really good podcast. It's like that, but for action figures.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 42. The Toys That Made Us: Professional Wrestling w/ Tom G. Wolf

    You fans can stick it, brother! In our first episode of 2020, we're finishing up Season 3 of Netflix's The Toys That Made Us by discussing their episode about wrestling toys (as well as many, many other tangents). We couldn't do it without wrestling afficionado TOM G. WOLF -- our ...


  2. 41. The Best Toymas Ever!

    Merry Toymas! (Shelfmas is also acceptable). This year we spend the holiday discussing more of our favorite show, The Toys That Made Us (on Netflix). For the price of one podcast you get TWO TTMU episodes and TWO actual child guests! That's right, Adam's boys Izaak and Landen are joining ...


  3. 40. TTMU: TMNT

    Our Netflix's THE TOYS THAT MADE US coverage is back and we're talking about everyone's favorite green turtle karate boys--The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! (By PLAYMATES). We also introduce a new, permanent host to the show: Blake's Soundboard. Also, Josh is here again. Head to the sewers with us and discuss ...


  4. 39. BAT-tle of the Bulge

    Surprise ahead-of-schedule episode! Adam and Blake get right down to it and dive into Amazon's shameful new holiday catalog. Then Adam tells us about his Chicago trip AKA bright lights, Big Walgreens. There he discovers the most amazing Groot/Wolverine mashup action figure, but forget it Jake, it's a Chinatown Knockoff. It's ...


  5. 38. 3rd Annual SPOOKTACULAR: We Haunted A Doll

    GUEST: Josh Arnett -Spooky new Halloween theme song! -Dragging Ira Glass -The Office Culture -Blake bitching about podcasts -Haunting v Hainting -Mezco One:12 -Gender and toys -Josh doesn't know what Rule 34 is -Old ass directors v superhero movies: the curmudgeoning -JOKER: AMERICA'S FAVORITE CLOWN MOVIE -Funky Pops -Woof Howls -FOLKS WE REALLY DO AN ILL-ADVISED CURSING OF DA GRUNT SO WE CAN ...